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Xuma 11000 mAh Portable Power Pack (Gloss Black/Silver)

    Product Description

    The 11000 mAh Xuma Portable Power Pack in gloss black and silver is a compact USB charger with an integrated rechargeable 11000 mAh battery and five USB ports. Use it for quick on-the-go charging of USB-powered mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, handheld gaming devices and MP3 players. A USB charging cable and ten charging tips are included for compatibility with a wide range of devices.

    Four ports output power for smartphones and other standard USB devices, while one of the ports outputs 2.1 amps, for charging an iPad or other high-powered accessories. A maximum of five devices can be charged simultaneously as long as they draw a total of 2.5 amps or less combined. For example, charging combinations could include an iPad and iPod, two iPhones, five iPods or three mobile phone devices.

    For convenience, five battery indicator lights provide power status of the battery at a glance. To recharge the Portable Power, plug the USB charging cable into the unit, which plugs into the AC wall adapter or a USB port on your computer.

    Five USB Ports
    Allows you to charge up to five USB-powered devices at once, drawing 2.5 amps total

    Varied Power Output
    Ports vary in power from 0.5 - 2.1 amps

    Power Indicator Lights
    Battery power indicator lights display the amount of power remaining in the Portable Power Pack

    Plug the USB charging cable into the unit, which plugs into the AC wall adapter or a USB port on your computer

    Charge MP3 Players and Smartphones
    Charging tips included for Apple 30-pin connector, Mini and Micro USB

    Charge Handheld Gaming Devices
    Charging tips included for Nintendo and Sony PSP

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